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Ask around for the most reliable company that offers the cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria, you will be referred back to 85kobo.com. This is due to the quality we have maintained over the years of our existence. We believe every customer should get the exact value of what they paid for. As you know, it’s very disappointing when you plan for an event and trusted Bulk SMS as your means of information Dissemination but only to find out that all the messages you sent weren’t delivered or were not delivered promptly. This could change your perception about the prowess of BULK SMS service as a mass communication tool.

At 85kobo.com, we don’t boast to be the best but definitely we know our onions. Our years of experience in the niche has always been our advantage. With over a decade in the aggregation of Value added services (VAS) which includes Bulk SMS services, We ‘ve been able to solve the many lingering issues that are associated with sending bulk sms in Nigeria.

BulkSMS in Nigeria has undergone several transitions but we have remained relevant even as the profitability of the business is in steady decline. We’re the first VAS company in Nigeria to sell sms as low as 50kobo per unit and as the economy of our great nation affects virtually every business, it has also affected the cost of selling units of bulksms in Nigeria.

We have ensured Bulk SMS Nigeria ‘s affordability and efficiency irrespective of the challenges we face in the business. We are also among the few that have solved the lingering issues that emanated from NCC’s Do-Not-Disturb(DND) implementation. If you are new to using bulksms, you might be wondering WHAT IS DND? It’s quite simple, according to intogeek.net DND is a firewall placed on unsolicited messages across all networks in Nigeria.

DND is more prevalent among MTN numbers, though there are some measures put in place to boycott this firewall to send bulk sms to dnd numbers and how to bypass dnd sms is very easy, just by sending allow as an sms from your phone to 2442 should deactivate the firewall. However, we found out that sometimes, even after opting out, your lines still don’t receive sms.

We went furthermore to seek for solutions to curb or minimize this problem.  We introduced the DND corporate route which delivers messages to all DND effected phone numbers. But obviously, you would have to register on 85kobo.com to be able to use this service,

Our website is built in such a way that all undelivered messages are not charged. You get an instant refund, whenever your message fails to deliver, which might be as a result of DND or delays across all delivery routes. We understand how invaluable the use of bulksms can be to your business, this is why we have made it our utmost duty to ensure that every message sent on our portal is delivered promptly.

Bulksms over the years as gained popularity more than any other mobile advertising medium available in the market. Even nowadays, the choice of short message system has significantly gains grounds. It’s no longer news that banks, Schools and even churches have adopted text messaging as the sole means of communication.

This is due to the fact that: the Mobile Phone is the ‘Most owned’ object in the world today, having overtaken the tooth brush. According to mobile-ent.biz, there are more Phones in the world than Human beings! 6.920 billion phone connections compared to the estimated 6.915 billion people.

Compare with Any other Advertising, MOBILE ADVERTISING is the only way to reach at everybody’s eyes with full view wherever they are, whenever you want without overstretching your budget.

Before now, email marketing was the order of the day, but now you would agree with us that sending SMS is one of the fastest ways to disperse information to a group of people. The affordability, this brings is incomparable. With as little as 500naira, you can reach out to over 200 persons, directly on their mobile phones.

No other aggregator in Nigeria can boost to give what we offer our clients. Our communication channels are open 24hours every day. You can even chat with us on WhatsApp or IMO. We are always happy to discuss how we can best deliver the solutions you desire.

You can reach us through any of our channels to discuss further discounts in case you want to buy our short messaging service in large quantity. We have successfully powered several campaigns with bulk SMS across the country. 36naija.com – popular Nigeria entertainment blog is one of our happy clients. so if you intend to use our services for similar broadcast, we will be happy to create a test account for you.

Our Portal can blast to over three million active phone number database in less than one hour and you can generate the delivery report instantly. You get instant refunds for messages sent to DND effected Phone Numbers.  No other Bulksms service provider in Nigeria has this functionality. 

    Meanwhile, we would also like to remind you that we offer cheap DSTV, GOtv and startime TV subscriptions. To get started with that, all you need do is to click on the navigation menu at the top of the website and select TV subscription categories, then proceed to sign up.

    Moreover, if you Want to renew your MTN data plan or gift your friend or family data subscription or call credit, We’ve got you covered. This is exactly what we do and over the last few years, we’ve been the best and the most recommended destination for all online recharges and bills payments.

    Create an account on 85kobo.com today to join the list of our happy customers. You will never find another portal with same features as ours, apart from being the cheapest bulk sms site in Nigeria, We are also the only website that allows you to buy cheap data bundles online. With as low as 500naira, you can enjoy a full month subscription of data. You can as well pay for your Tv subscriptions like GOTV subscription, DSTV, STARTIMES and CMTV with ease.

    All of these are done from one dashboard. All you need do is to fund your wallet and you can use it to recharge your phones for call credit, buy data plans online, pay your Cable/Tv Subcription, Pay electric bill online, send voice broadcast, etc. For information on our robocall service, visit the voice sms page and be rest assure to get the cheapest price of robocall in Nigeria on our voice broadcasting page.

    We will be super excited to guide you through our solutions and show you how you can get started immediately. Please do well to contact us through the contact us page or through any of our communication channels. Remember, you get free credits to test our portal when you sign up. So go ahead and give us a try! Don’t forget to check our promotional video below:


    bulk sms in Nigeria

    Here is all you need to do


    We presume you already know how to sign up for an account on a bulk sms website. If you don’t know how, not to worry as the process of bulk sms registration in Nigeria is as easy as ABC.

    You need only 4 things to create an account on this site; they are your phone number, your email address, your name and your password.

    Click on the registration button on top of this page, fill in the form correctly with your details, then click register. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox, ensure you click on it or else, you will not be able to sign-in.

    If you follow the process above, you almost ready to start sending bulk sms in Nigeria. Like Bulksms Nigeria, We give your 10units for free as start up credit.

    You can start using our portal’s bulk sms with free units. The 10 free units will avail you the opportunity to test out our efficiency and speed of delivery. If you are impressed, then definitely you should consider recharging your account with more units.

    You can either pay with your ATM Card or make an online transfer via internet banking to our corporate account. You get credited instantly if you pay with your card using the payment processor on our website, but if you did a transfer, you would have to wait for about 1hour for us to credit you.

    Now that you have created your new account and funded it with credit, its time you learn how to send bulksms in Nigeria. By default, When you login, you are redirected to your account dashboard. If you take a look to the right hand tab, you should see some listed Menus.

    Look out for Compose sms and click on it. When you the panel loads out fully, you should see an exact match of the screenshot below. You only need to do 4 things to blast your message.

    sending bulk sms in nigeria

    1. Fill in the sender ID for your message. The sender ID should not be more than 11 characters (Just like a GSM Phone Number). The sender ID is what shows on the recipient’s phone as the sender of the message. For instance, if your want your message to show us POOL PARTY, all you need do is fill exactly that as the ID. Finally note that, the space also counts for the required 11 characters.

    2. Type in your Phone Number: Here you can either import the numbers in or you type them manually. Your numbers can either be in country-code format or the normal 080 or 070 format. We support importing from excel and notepad. You should ensure each number is written on a new line or add a comma after every number.

    You can also import your recipients from your phonebook but you must have earlier loaded the numbers through the phonebook.

    3. Compose your Message: Basically all you need to do here is to compose the message you wish to send. Our system can send bulk sms Up to 20pages without any hassles likewise to millions of recipients with no hitch. However you need to pay attention for the content of your message.

    We have some blacklisted keywords that could make your messages not to deliver, you can find the list here: link. We advise you always test across your personal numbers before blasting to your intended recipients.

    Words like Congratulations, Won, Win, Vote, Promo will not deliver, we advise using synonyms or better still try to avoid these spammy keywords.

    In like manner. Inclusion of phone numbers with your message might also ma it’s delivery. Networks like Globacom Nigeria would not deliver such message but the good news about this, is that we have implemented a unicode conversion module that helps such message deliver even on Glo Numbers.

    Lastly, you should pay attention to the length of your message as the same character count that applies when you send ordinary sms on your mobile phone also applies when you send bulk sms online. 1page message is 160 (one hundred and sixty) characters and will deduct only one unit. However, if your message is more than 160 characters, even if it’s 161 characters, you will be billed 2 units for it.

    So ensure you make abbreviations where necessary to ensure your message don’t elaspe your intended 1page. You can use alpha-numeric characters inside the compose box. You can replace words like: for with 4 or words like; for you with 4U…just ensure you don’t over use abbrivations.

    4. Select Appropriate Settings the Click Send: This is the last in the list on how to send bulk sms. This is actually the most significant of all. You have to select the best DND option that suits you. We currently have 3 options that will help you bypass dnd sms(Do-not Disturb)

    how to bypass dnd sms

    At this point we are sure you already know what is dnd phone numbers, if your don’t know, please read the articles above or visit our blog to learn more.

    Whatever settings you choose here will help you send bulk sms to dnd numbers. The 1st option
    Sends all messages with corporate route
    The second allows you to
    Resend only DND Affected numbers with corporate route.
    The 3rd one will send the messages with normal route and Refund DND Credits. This ensures that you are not charged for DND phone numbers.

    After selecting your preferred option, all you need do is to click on send sms Now. Note that we also have the option of scheduling the message to deliver at a later time.

    Now you know how to send bulksms in Nigeria, you should consider funding your account on 85kobo.com to enable you carry out what you just learnt.

    Accept the assurance of our highest esteem, you will definately love it here. Our support is always topnotch and you can’t find any similar provider with such dedication. Oblige us the opportunity to be your new provider… You will be glad you did.

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