How to stop Airtel from Deducting your Credit

How to stop Airtel from Deducting your Credit

How to stop Airtel Constant Airtime/Credit Deduction

We all enjoy using Airtel, not just because they are the best, but because they wao their customers with mouthwatering deals from time to time and this has strengthened their subscriber-base.

They offer one of the best data services in the country and the moment at a relatively cheaper rate compare to MTN and 9mobile, much more several users have been applauding Airtel for their impeccable 4G services that give users a much more better internet surfing experience.

But sadly, this network can be disappointing most times, their deduct your airtime for some services you are 100% sure you did not subscribe for, many people out annoyance have thrown their Airtel SIM down the drain due to this act of cheating on the side of the network.

If you complain about it to their operatives they try to find their way around and defend that you must have subscribed at a time you did not remember; this can be very annoying.

But we decided to investigate the matter more and find a way around the issue, we put a call through to one of their customer care operative and she pointed that it is caused by a service called “Grooms” for “Men”.

If you have experienced this type of deductions there are chances that you are also subscribed to the same ridiculous shortcode service.

How to stop Airtel from Deducting your Credit

The first fix is the one suggested by the customer care, however, this may not work for everyone, they usually tell you to send “GROOM STOP” to 38043, but on some lines they stop the subscription for sometimes and in few weeks again it starts and all your airtime is gone before you could even use it.

If that doesn’t stop your woes from the network permanently, then you need to use this method, this is more like a wildcard method, it has to do with activating DND on your mobile.

DND means Do Not Disturb is a means of claiming and enjoying your 100% privacy as a network, you will not receive trash marketing SMS or shortcode services.

How to activate DND on Airtel

Simply send STOP to 2442 to stop all unsolicited SMS.

What is the Meaning of VTU?

What is the Meaning of VTU?

Technology is helping us do things better from day to day. Everyone one is looking for easier ways to carry out their daily tasks this caused us to leverage resources we can reach out to so we can perform some tasks in a lot stressful manner.

But you will agree with me that even some of these less stressful and perceived convenient ways to get things done are not totally hitch-free, they sometimes have their own shortcomings.

Which is why we at have come to improvise a smarter way to carry out daily transactions like paying cable tv subscriptions, phone airtime and data, and more in a less risky and super convenient way. All you need do is to proceed to our registration page and sign up to begin.

The process of carrying out just about any transaction is super simplified meaning you don’t have to worry about filling long forms and data pages. One biggest advantage users get to use our platform is leveraging our VTU platform to pay for services and recharge and you earn some discount from that.

What you can do on Virtual Top Up includes:

Airtime Recharge
Cable TV Subscriptions
Data Top-up

For those who are looking into the business prospect of this, The mobile penetration in Nigeria is growing year after year, now there are close to 150 million mobile users in Nigeria which is a good income source for Telecom firm which makes money from selling their services.

Giving the market size, it is understandable that selling recharge card business is still a lucrative one and you can make big figures selling those online.

We understand that starting a VTU business is not so easy given requirements like Business registration, massive startup capital, website, accreditation, etc, this is why we took it upon on ourselves to simplify the VTU business idea by giving you a platform that allows you to resell Airtime online using Virtual Top-ups (VTU).

Register today and start earning from VTU Business.

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What is Glo Etop-up?

What is Glo Etop-up?

Glo ETop-up is a 15% offer that gives reward to Glo customers with 15% extra unconditional airtime as they recharge their Glo phone numbers electronically through means like the  Online/web portals and merchants, Glo Cafe, POS terminals and ATM machines,  Recharges done using bank’s USSD code and purchases made from Glo outlets.

Customers that are eligible for the Glo Etop-up are those who recharge their Glo Lines using electronic means through any of the channels we had earlier listed above.

To enjoy this offer is very simple, just top up your Glo line using any of the Glo E top-up recharge channels and get 15% of the recharge as an instant bonus, no strings attached.

15% of whatever you recharged will be shuffled back to you as an instant bonus which means that if you recharge your line with N1000 you will get credited with 1000 + N150, to make 1150. The N1000 airtime recharge is credited to the normal account, while you receive N150 in your Glo Etop-up bonus account.

The Glo Etop-up 15% bonus is valid accordingly as seen below

• e-Top Up bouses on amounts below N1000 is valid for 7 days
• e-Top Up bonuses on amounts between N1000 and N1999 is valid for 15 days
• e-Top Up bonuses on amounts from N2000 & above is valid for 30 days

You can use the bonus to send SMS and make calls Glo customers Nationwide.

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How much does it cost to start a greeting card business?

How much does it cost to start a greeting card business?

Are you thinking of starting a greeting card business and need information on how much it will cost to get started. Let’s see how much it costs to start a greeting card business.

Greeting card Business opening costs

In those who want to start a greeting card business or a company but don’t know how much it can cost? Let’s see it below: there are those who say that even a few hundred euros are enough to open start-up practices but these are exaggerations since it is impossible to go below 500 euros for the opening of an activity.

To those who do not have entrepreneurial experience, I recommend writing a business plan, this will make it much easier to establish the most suitable company form, therefore the first expenses and the tax framework.

What are the simplest company forms

The simplest companies are of two types: the individual one and the Srl. In many cases, services or goods can be offered, in order to operate they need to send the SCIA (Certified Start of Activity Report) electronically to the Municipality of residence or where it will be open the business position.

Some activities complete the application with ASL authorizations that cost around 35 euros and a certificate of attendance at the HACCP course which costs 50 euros, but this depends on the type of company.

Individual activity

To open an individual company it is not necessary to contact the notary but only the fulfillment of some practices such as the request for any licenses (administrative and / or health), the opening of the VAT number, the registration with the Chamber of Commerce, to the INPS and INAIL.

What are the costs involved in opening a greeting card business?

Starting a greeting card business may cost you in between $3,000 and $15,000 in 2019, it all depends on your how you want to start up, maybe lean or full-fledged,  the interesting thing about the business is it can be operated part-time and you can leverage the internet to sell a distinct number of those cards.

In your startup cost, you will need to budget for business insurance, product sourcing, human sourcing, initial rent costs, and ads campaign.

You will need an office computer, a scanning machine, a high-quality color printer, and desktop publication tools and software. You’ll need a computer, a scanner, a high-quality color printer, and desktop publishing software.

Database software is also required in other to help you keep up with your mailing list from time to time so you can remarket and retarget potential clients through email marketing.

Another important to mind is a resale license, this might be important especially when you are buying wholesale from an artist or printer.

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How to Transfer Glo Data

How to Transfer Glo Data

This guide in on how to transfer Glo data from one Glo user to another.

If you need information on how to share data on with your family, friends, and relatives but got no clue on how to go about it.  Sometimes the reason for wanting to share Glo data is because you needed to change your Glo data plan.

Let me say to you that you’re lucky to have found out about this article, firstly be I’ll like to inform you that offers great deals on data across all networks in Nigeria, so if you haven’t signup yet, then now is the time to do so!.

Before you decided to share your data or airtime on Glo it is important to know what data plans they are on, due to reasons that there are several data plans on Glo Network and each of those plans has a unique USSD code for performing its share transaction.

Before you can transfer data on Glo another thing of importance is to make sure that you have an active Glo data plan, then only you can proceed using the below steps to send data to friends and family or relatives even when they are on different Glo data plans.

How to Transfer Glo Data

To share data on Glo, firstly you need to know the person’s Glo number.

Then Dial *127*01*[person’s number]# or send as SMS “Share [person’s number]” to 127.

Type *127*01*0805XXXXXXX# or SMS ”Share 0805XXXXXXX” to 127.

Hence, they will have access to your data.

You can delist anyone you don’t want on your data share list by dialing  *127*02*[person’s glo number]# or send “Remove [person’s number]” to 127. E.g. dial *127*01*0805XXXXXXX# or send Remove 0805XXXXXXX to 127.

You can as well see the list of people on your Glo share account at any time by dialing *127*00# or send “List” to 127.

How to check Glo data?

If you need any information on your Glo data plan, visit from your mobile on a Glo SIM. You can also dial *127*0# or send an SMS “info” to 127.

You will agree with me that sharing your data with friends and families is not as difficult. Get a massive bonus when you by data from, Start Now!