How do I know if my SIM card is 4G?

The simple and straightforward way to know if your SIM card is 4G compatible is to insert the SIM into a 4G smartphone, power it on, then Navigate to settings >> Mobile Network >> and Find LTE network on the list of Networks if you find 2G, 3G but you can’t find 4G, it means your SIM card is not 4G you may need to upgrade your SIM or get a 4G replacement SIM.

The 4G terminals have micro-SIM or nano-SIM cards. Not All Nigeria Network providers SIM cards are compatible with 4G.

Depending on the slot of your terminal, you must purchase a 4G SIM card of the appropriate size from your Network or walk into an outlet close to you to request an upgrade for your current SIM to 4G.

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