How much does it cost to start a greeting card business?

Are you thinking of starting a greeting card business and need information on how much it will cost to get started. Let’s see how much it costs to start a greeting card business.

Greeting card Business opening costs

In those who want to start a greeting card business or a company but don’t know how much it can cost? Let’s see it below: there are those who say that even a few hundred euros are enough to open start-up practices but these are exaggerations since it is impossible to go below 500 euros for the opening of an activity.

To those who do not have entrepreneurial experience, I recommend writing a business plan, this will make it much easier to establish the most suitable company form, therefore the first expenses and the tax framework.

What are the simplest company forms

The simplest companies are of two types: the individual one and the Srl. In many cases, services or goods can be offered, in order to operate they need to send the SCIA (Certified Start of Activity Report) electronically to the Municipality of residence or where it will be open the business position.

Some activities complete the application with ASL authorizations that cost around 35 euros and a certificate of attendance at the HACCP course which costs 50 euros, but this depends on the type of company.

Individual activity

To open an individual company it is not necessary to contact the notary but only the fulfillment of some practices such as the request for any licenses (administrative and / or health), the opening of the VAT number, the registration with the Chamber of Commerce, to the INPS and INAIL.

What are the costs involved in opening a greeting card business?

Starting a greeting card business may cost you in between $3,000 and $15,000 in 2019, it all depends on your how you want to start up, maybe lean or full-fledged,  the interesting thing about the business is it can be operated part-time and you can leverage the internet to sell a distinct number of those cards.

In your startup cost, you will need to budget for business insurance, product sourcing, human sourcing, initial rent costs, and ads campaign.

You will need an office computer, a scanning machine, a high-quality color printer, and desktop publication tools and software. You’ll need a computer, a scanner, a high-quality color printer, and desktop publishing software.

Database software is also required in other to help you keep up with your mailing list from time to time so you can remarket and retarget potential clients through email marketing.

Another important to mind is a resale license, this might be important especially when you are buying wholesale from an artist or printer.

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