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How To Buy 9mobile Data

Here’s how to buy 9mobile data online but definitely not using 9mobile subcription codes but using virtual recharge sites like

I am sure you are used to buying or recharging your sim with the appropriate amount needed for the etisalat data bundle you want to subscribe for. Then you select the subscription code and just dial it on your phone using 9mobile’s ussd code and instantly you get recharged.

This is post is not about that, however if that is what you want to learn from this article, then you need to read this article:

Recharging data on your phone’s sim using the old traditional ussd and subscription code method is tied to you having the required amount loaded on your sim.

Meaning if you want to buy a 1gig data that is sold for one thousand naira(1k). You will first of all, Buy the network’s recharge card worth 1k (one thousand naira), then simply dial the ussd code to subscribe.

Do you understand the geck now? Ok, that’s is the oldschool method and that’s not what this post is all about. This article will teach you how you can buy data, buy recharge cards for any network, for yourself and for your friends and family without having to first get a recharge card.

Precisely, you will learn how to buy 9mobile data online from our website. Same method applies with other networks. So if you are using MTN, GLO OR AIRTEL, don’t attempt to leave this page. Continue to read on, the process is applicable to other networks too.

The first thing you want to do is to create an account on our website, If you already have an account with us, Then just login to your account on

85kobo is an all in one suite that has so many functionalities that supersedes recharging airtime and buying of Data.  How our system works is very easy. Just recharge your wallet with any amount and you can use it to buy any of the product we sell.

You can pay for your TV subscription, Electricity Bills or even send robocall and bulk sms with the money in your wallet. So you should begin to imagine how easy this will be.

The 2nd process after you sign in; is to recharge you wallet with any amount. You wallet balance never expires. You can use out the balance in the next 10 years or immediately, so don’t fret. The money in your wallet is all yours. You decide how you intend to use it.

To recharge your wallet, all you need do is to make use of our online payment processor – paystack or better still do a transfer to any of our bank accounts and notify us instantly after you do the transfer. We will confirm the payment and in-turn credit you with the equivalent.

However, if you pay online with your ATM card using our online payment processor, You don’t need to contact us thereafter as our system will auto credit you instantly with the exact amount you paid.

Thirdly and finally, You can use your account balance to pay for anything you want.

Before you go, Let me reveal this to you, I actually saved the best for the last. Do you know that every recharge you do on our site, you save up to 40% of the original market price. Take for instance, We sell 1gig of MTN data for just 600naira. Guess how much MTN sells it? 1000naira!

You know what that means? You save 400naira when you buy 1gig MTN data from That’s 40% discount! You can get it cheaper anywhere.

Sign up or Sign in now and start recharging….

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