How To Buy Airtime And Data From First Bank

Here’s how to buy airtime and data from First Bank

Are you an old customer or a new First Bank account Holder, who would love to buy airtime from First Bank? Worry no more as we will be teaching you on how to buy data from First bank account.

How can I transfer airtime from FirstBank?

The guide below will teach you how to transfer airtime from First Bank to another number.
– To transfer airtime, what you’ll need to do is to dial *894*500# To recharge N500 airtime on your mobile number registered with FirstBank.

*894*500*080XXXXX123# To recharge N500 airtime for phone number 080XXXXX123. To register as a new user, create or reset your 5-digit PIN.

How To Transfer Money From First Bank To Another Bank Account

The guideline below will teach even a dummy dude on how to transfer money from First Bank using USSD.
– You can achieve this by dialing *894*AMOUNT TO TRANSFER*ACCOUNT NUMBER OF BANK YOU ARE TRANSFERRING TO#. For example, *894*50000*1234567890# To transfer N50,000 to account number 1234567890 in any bank in Nigeria.

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How To Buy Data from First Bank

To top up your current data balance with the first bank USSD, what you need to do is simply dial *894*amount#. If you want to recharge N300 for instance, simply dial *894*300# and it will be recharged. Then you use that 300 naira to purchase a data plan for yourself.

To recharge a friend’s number, please dial *894*Amount*number#. That is, if you want to recharge N200 on 0807-488-1541, dial *894*200*08023456789# and it will be recharged.

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