How To Buy Airtime On Airtel

Here’s how to buy airtime on airtel and also buy Data from Airtel.

Are you a new customer of the Airtel telecommunication network and haven’t read or don’t know how to recharge airtime on Airtel and how to buy data on Airtel? Do not worry as we’re going to give a solution to your problem providing the USSD’s to recharge airtime on Airtel likewise browsing data.

How To Recharge Airtime on Airtel

The following guide will instruct you on how to get airtime on airtel as an existing and new subscriber.
– What you’ll need to do to successfully recharge airtime on Airtel is to gently scratch the colored panel off the back of your Airtel top-up card to reveal the secret 16-digit number (avoid using sharp objects).
– Input *126* followed by the 16-digit number on the recharge card and then # key, then press the “Yes/Send/OK/Enter” key. It should look like this – *126*1111222233334444#

To borrow airtime on Airtel you need to be a consistent subscriber on Airtel for at least 3 months and must load a minimum of N250 monthly before you can borrow. To borrow airtime from Airtel, simply dial *500*amount#. For example, dial *500*200# to borrow N200. The amount you’ll receive is less 10% service charge.

How To Buy Data On Airtel

The guideline below will run you through how you can buy data on Airtel. Read and understand!
Before that, do you know with just 300 Naira you get an Airtel Data Plan for 30 days access on Opera Mini capped at 250MB. Standard 30-days Airtel Data Plan starts at 1,000 Naira for 1.5GB to 10,000 Naira for 22GB. You can also buy weekend and daily data plans.

– Airtel Easy Data Plan (750MB, 14 day, 24/7) – *418# – 500 Naira
– Social Plan (600MB, 25 day, 24/7) – *688*1# – 300 Naira
– Airtel Free Surf (up to 160MB, 30 day, 24/7) – *400# – FREE
– Mega 5 Airtel Data Plan (10GB, 30 day, 24/7) – *452# – 5,000 Naira
– Mega 10 Airtel Data Plan (25GB, 30 day, 24/7) – *462*10# – 10,000 Naira
– Airtel Mega 15 Internet Plan (40GB, 30 day,24/7) – *462*15# – N15,000
– Mega 20 Internet Plan (60GB, 30 day) – *462*20# – N20,000
– Weekly Airtel Data Plan (350MB, 7 day, 24/7) – *417# – N300
– Daily Airtel Data Plan (75MB, 24 hours) – *410# – N100
– 3-Day Airtel Data Plan (200MB) – *412# – 200 Naira
– Airtel 2G Pack Weekly (1GB, 7 day, 24/7) – *482*1# – 200 Naira
– Airtel 2G Pack Monthly (2GB, 25 day, 24/7) – *482*2# – N500
Check your data balance – *140#

To cut the story short, you can also decide to dial *141# to see the list of Airtel data bundles.

Should in case you have any question concerning how to buy airtime on Airtel, feel free to ask questions below and we at 85kobo will get back to you within 2 hours.

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