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How to Get 4G Bonus in Airtel

If you are looking for how to get 4G Bonus in airtel then this guide is for you.

Airtel 4G launched her 4G network sometimes in 2018 first in Ibadan and Lagos, today 4G is accessible in most towns and cities on the Airtel NetWork.

You can enjoy reliable yet super fast internet speed on your mobile on the Airtel 4G NetWork.

To start enjoying 4G it may mean that you will need to change your SIM to a 4G SIM if it is not already on 4G, to do this, just walk into any Airtel outlet in your area and request for a 4G SIM.

The 4th Generation Network popularly referred to as 4G LTE, where LTE means Long Term Evolution (LTE) the main characteristic of the network is, it delivers a very fast data speeds.

You will be enjoying your HD live streams, voice calls, Video calls better than before.

How to Get 4G Bonus in Airtel after Activation.

Once you have gotten a new 4G SIM or upgraded your old SIM, as soon as you are activated on the 4G Network you will be given 4G of Data FREE from Airtel.

 25% data bonus will also be given to you each time you activate a data plan of N500 and above for 6 months.

*Free 4GB Data and 25% Bonus useable only on the 4G Network.

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