How to successfully start a Bulk SMS Reseller Business in Nigeria

Do you want to start up a bulk SMS reseller business in Nigeria? It is a cool business that will pump lots of cash into your coffers.

If you Have ever asked yourself this question: is bulk sms business profitable? This port will show you how lucrative is bulk sms business

The Bulk SMS reseller Business is all about buying and selling SMS units. You don’t need any technical background or knowledge about how to build and manage a websites. Basically, everything you need to get started will be provided when you sign up as a reseller, all you need do is just to manage and promote the business.

There are a lot of bulk sms wholesalers in nigeria, to start with, you need to decide which you want to signup with. You should be very careful on the company you choose. Like i mentioned earlier, there are a lot of bulk sms service providers in nigeria and all of them offer bulk sms resellership. You should pay attention on the following

  • The cost of set up
  • The reputation of the provider
  • The cost of sms unit
  • Confirm if you can connect your site to any API
  • Functionality of the site

Irrespective of the prospects in the bulk sms business opportunity, you need to carry our due diligence before subscribing with any provider.

Some of these companies will give you your own bulk reselling module- which will serve as a platform where people will come to you, and buy SMS units from you. The cost of sending smse vary from one company to another.

Feel free to browse through the internet, so as to read reviews about these sites- you need to know what previous users have said about their service delivery. Also endeavor to learn how to sell bulk sms before venture into the business.

Buy custom SMS Units

When you are done with your reseller account registration, you can then purchase units of any amount but preferably 10,000units to start up with.

The aggregator will credit your account within a short time with the number of units you have bought. They will possibly send you a guideline that will help you to set up your reseller portal.

Customize your SMS reselling portal to your taste

It is good to tweak and customize your bulk SMS website to suit your taste- if it is attractive, you will have a lot of guests who will be coming to your site every time. You will add your business slogan, name, logo and other content.

Also, you need to add your contact information so that potential clients can reach you whenever they wish to. The tweaking doesn’t require much technical skills. If you are inexperienced, you can hire a professional to do the services for you.

Promote your business

Without promotion, people will not know you. Your business will thrive if you are ready to promote it; if you are ready to get people deeply interested in it. If no one knows your business, you will never attract potential clients.

Most people promote their business through several platforms both online and offline like printing fliers, handbills and through social media promotions. Get in touch with owners of blogs and websites where your potential customers visit regularly and advertise with them.

I am talking about considering paid adverts online. There are many people in this business at the moment, so if you didn’t engage yourself with paid adverts, your competitors will take advantage of you.

Pitch your potential customers

This is another serious way of making money online; it is a proven strategy. This include sending messages to churches, organizations, friends, business colleagues, schools, and family members- and tell them how bulk SMS will help them to advance their businesses or how it can help them to deepen their relationship with their customers, and also your willingness to help them achieve this aim.

Your sole objective here is to highlight what they will gain when they do business with you. You will make lots of cash if you target big value clients. Besides they are likely going to order for high volume of SMS units, they will also do business with you for a longer period of time.

This happens if they are satisfied with your services. Thus, getting 3-5 big clients who place large orders are far more important than having 100-200 individual customers that buy very small SMS units.

How it works

The last time I checked, I discovered that there are over 150 ways people can make decent income online. Making money through Bulk SMS service is just one of the ways.

However, before you start making money from this exciting online business, it is important to know how it works, so that you can maximise profits. Sending bulk SMS is one of the simplest business anyone can engage with irrespective of age; it entails creating an account, logging into the account, type the message you want to send, and then hit the send button.

Those that might need the bulk SMS

The following are categories of people or organizations that may need Bulk SMS in large quantities:

  • Companies
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Mosques
  • Supermarkets
  • Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • University departments and faculties
  • Local, State and Federal governments
  • Wedding invitations, announcements & anniversaries
  • Birthday celebrations or anniversaries
  • Events & meetings
  • Special seasonal greetings
  • Corporate organizations
  • Invitations for child naming ceremonies or dedications
  • Invitation for ordinations
  • Notice of meeting
  • Statement of accounts
  • Political campaign & awareness and many more.

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