How to make Kano Electricity (KEDCO) bill payment Online

How to make Kano Electricity (KEDCO) bill payment Online with no inconvenience?

KEDCO stands for Kano Electricity Distribution Company Plc or Kano Disco, it serves the northwestern region of and is licensed to distribute and manage power supply to 7 district incuding Kano, Katsina and Jigawa States, through seven districts, namely Nassarawa, Dala, Katsina, Dutse, Kumbotso, Funtua, and Dakata.

Substantial amounts of Prepaid meters have already been circulated. Arguably, 5 out of every 10 houses in Nigeria uses a prepaid meter.

If your house uses a prepaid meter and you are underKEDCO Electricity Distribution company IBEDC- let me show you how to top up your prepaid meter anytime and from anywhere online. To perform the recharge you need to have data or internet access on your mobile or Laptop. If you don’t you can buy data here on 85kobo, we offer the cheapest in the country.

Once all is set, you are ready to recharge your prepaid meter from the comfort of your home or office, you need not visit the bank in long queues. Just follow the below steps to recharge your prepaid. Please note that this guide is particularly for users of Kano Electricity Distribution Company plc (KEDCO) prepaid meter, KEDCO covers 7 district incuding Kano, Katsina and Jigawa States, through seven districts, namely Nassarawa, Dala, Katsina, Dutse, Kumbotso, Funtua and Dakata.

How to make Kano Electricity bill payment Online

1. KEDCO USSD shortcode

KEDCO in 2011 made a shortcode service to allow users across its region to be able to make payment for power or buy electricity token easily, the shortcode service does not require internet and can be done from a CDMA phone.

To get started, simply dialing *322*1*2692* Amount #. usable by both prepaid and postpaid customers.

2. Pay through Quickteller

To pay using quickteller, visit this link:

Select your type of payment option, pick from Reconnection bill, electricity and Meter registration, since you are paying for Electricity, pick Electricity bill.

Instantly a form will dropdown requesting you to enter your Account Number, Email, Mobile number, and the amount you want to pay.

Click continue, to go the next page where you will need to supply your debit card or ATM card details to make your payment.

Be sure to use appropriate email and phone number, so you can receive details of your payment in the email or on phone.

3. Buy through (For Prepaid users)

TO get started visit on your phone or laptop


2. Supply your phone number on the next screen

3. Choose your state

4. Enter your prepaid meter number

5. Enter how much electricity you want to buy

6. Supply your name and email address

7. Then click on ‘Enter payment information’ button

8. Review your order on the next screen

9. Enter your Debit card information

4. Pay KEDCO bill through Jumia One App or website

Many people will prefer this option as it offers them to get some credit back from all payment done on the app. While Jumia never charges you a convenience fee, you still get up to 100 N credit from every transaction you made on Electricity bills. The platform is ideal for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers of KEDCO

The user interface is very easy to use, so visit to initiate your KEDCO Electricity payment online following these easy steps:

  • Sign up or log if you already have an account
  • Select Electricity  from the menu list
  • Choose a contract type, prepaid or postpaid
  • Select your DISCO
  • If prepaid, click on the prepaid radio icon and supply your meter number,  if postpaid click on the postpaid icon and supply your account number instead which can be found on your bill.
  • Fill in your debit card carefully and complete the payment.

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