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How do you recharge airtime with Cell C?

Find out How to recharge airtime with voucher pin on CellC. There are several methods to recharge or buy airtime and data on Cellc, one of the easiest ways is to use banking apps.

While you may be charged by banks for the service it is minimized charge. To load airtime you need to purchase a voucher, then enter the PIN in the voucher via a USSD code.

There is also a Dial-up number that you can use to input the code, while both of this method is still applicable we only suggest that you use them as a last resort. At times you are out of data, purchase a voucher, dial *102* PIN#  and press the send button.

The Airtime Recharge Code for CellC: *102*voucher-pin#

CellC Airtime Share

You can share airtime with friends and families on CellC. However, there is a daily limit CellC specified by CellC Airtime Share which isis set to R1000.00 daily. Note that you can only do each transaction in the following values: R5.00, R10.00, R20.00 and R30.00.

In a situation you want to send more than R30.00 airtime to a particular user, you are required to perform another transaction until you reach the desired value you want to share, this may not be so convenient but that is the standard at the moment. This was put in place as part of measures to protect senders.

How to send Airtime or Data with CellC Airtime Share?

To send airtime or data on CellC Airtime Share follows these steps:

1.Dial *147#

2. Select option 3, Data and Airtime Share

3. Select option 2 for Airtime.

4. Select option 1 to activate the Airtime Share Feature

Once activation takes place, you will see your airtime balance displayed,  and you will have the option to select the right amount of airtime you want to share.

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