Welcome to our Website, This page was created to make you find the reasons why we believe you should subscribe to Our New all-in-one Portal, rather than signing up with route sms, We’ve been serving other Nigerians like you since 2011 and it’s our utmost desire to have you on-board …find below what necessitated our assumptions

Why Not route sms

Route sms is among the pioneering entrant in the Bulk Messaging business and no doubt they’ve been providing the service for some years now. However over the years,They haven’t altered the costs of bulk sms in Nigeria, Neither have they attempted to alter the features of a typical Telemarketing Website.

Again, as is the custom with our competitors, they exult themselves by boasting that they offer Premium bulk sms services but none of them will give you access to your sms Delivery Report.

85kobo.com believe that you should have a perfect understanding on how every sms you send from our portal is delivered; How many failed and how you were charged for it. We Won’t bill nor charge you for every broadcast that didn’t deliver.

We have a turnkey functionality that allows you re send every failed text message, that might have failed due to Do-no-Disturb or other factors.

Beyond everything, route sms‘s Pricing is no where near what you get with us. Need us to remind you that no other Telemarketing outfit in nigeria including route sms can boast to have a website where you can buy your Cable TV subscriptions as well as send Voice sms…all from the same website

Don’t you think You will be missing alot just because are not registered with 85kobo? Why not Register Now? Becoming an account holder is totally Free. We will be happy to have you on board.

 route sms85kobo.com
1-Click Fast Delivery for Volume(500,000 – above)UnknownYes
Customer Friendly PriceUnknownYes
Good After Sales SupportUnknownYes
Instant Delivery to DND NumbersUnknownYes
Mobile AppUnknownYes
Buy Data Bundles NoYes
Buy AirtimeNoYes
Subscribe for Cable SubscriptionNoYes
Pay Electricity BillNoYes
Delivery ReportYesYes

Click here or the big Registration Button to Register. There is no cost in Trying us today. However if you are not intrigued about our proposition you can return to route sms login page


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