How to stop Airtel from Deducting your Credit

How to stop Airtel Constant Airtime/Credit Deduction

We all enjoy using Airtel, not just because they are the best, but because they please their customers with mouthwatering deals from time to time and this has strengthened their subscriber-base.

They offer one of the best data services in the country and the moment at a relatively cheaper rate compare to MTN and 9mobile, much more several users have been applauding Airtel for their impeccable 4G services that give users a much more better internet surfing experience.

But sadly, this network can be disappointing most times, their deduct your airtime for some services you are 100% sure you did not subscribe for, many people out annoyance have thrown their Airtel SIM down the drain due to this act of cheating on the side of the network.

If you complain about it to their operatives they try to find their way around and defend that you must have subscribed at a time you did not remember; this can be very annoying.

But we decided to investigate the matter more and find a way around the issue, we put a call through to one of their customer care operative and she pointed that it is caused by a service called “Grooms” for “Men”.

If you have experienced this type of deductions there are chances that you are also subscribed to the same ridiculous shortcode service.

How to stop Airtel from Deducting your Credit

The first fix is the one suggested by the customer care, however, this may not work for everyone, they usually tell you to send “GROOM STOP” to 38043, but on some lines they stop the subscription for sometimes and in few weeks again it starts and all your airtime is gone before you could even use it.

If that doesn’t stop your woes from the network permanently, then you need to use this method, this is more like a wildcard method, it has to do with activating DND on your mobile.

DND means Do Not Disturb is a means of claiming and enjoying your 100% privacy as a network, you will not receive trash marketing SMS or shortcode services.

How to activate DND on Airtel

Simply send STOP to 2442 to stop all unsolicited SMS.