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Do you want to know several ways of saying thank you to people? Do not bother searching about that again as we will be sharing with you thank you SMS you can send to friends and family.

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Below are some the most beautiful Thank you SMS you can’t find elsewhere as these thank you messages have been texted and confirmed to make a good impact.

1. How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a weary world.

2. For the special joy added to my life
you are thanked in every possible way.

3. I thank God for using you to touch my life,
may you forever remain in God’s blessings and
may you continue to be a light in peoples lives. Thank you so much.

4. You are kind
You are thoughtful
You are appreciated.

5. Thank you for listening to your heart
thank you and God bless you abundantly

6. Thank you for being the kind of friend,
I can count on!
I really appreciate you.

7. I would thank you from the bottom of my heart but for you,
my heart has no bottom!

8. I realize how hard it is to be my friend right now,
but knowing that I have your support is making it so much easier.
Thank you so much.

9. May someone is as kind to you as you were to me.
Thank you.

10. Kindness is a language which the dump can speak,
the deaf can understand. You will be rewarded thanks.

11. I thank God I’m rich not with money but with people like you,
I may not have the most expensive things but with you, i have all the precious things I needed in my life,
thanks for being there for me.

12. It is very rare to find someone like you.
Thank you so much and remain blessed.

13. Your thoughtfulness and ability in guessing
how best to make other happy is deeply appreciated.

14. How do I thank you? When I was walking towards you,
I wanted to listen to the flow of a wave but you gave me a wavy ocean.

15. Thank you for opening so many doors,
and then seeing me thru them!

16. God who sees in advance will reward you in abundance.

17. If others were like you this earth would have been a paradise so do not relent
but keep the good works rolling,
because there is a great reward both the heaven and on earth.

18. A graceful reward awaits cheerful givers
remain blessed with thanks.

19. You are a wonderful friend, and I appreciate your love, kindness, support, and generosity. Thank you!
You’re a great boss and mentor. Thank you for helping me out; I really appreciate your kindness and support.

20. Thanks for being there for me when I really needed you. I appreciate you so much.

21. I just wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciate the positive influence you’ve had on my life. Thank you for your concern and useful advice! I’ll be forever grateful.

22. You inspired me during a difficult time when I needed words of encouragement. You don’t even know how much your help meant to me. Thank you.

23. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your help. You were there for me when I needed it the most. Thank you for everything that you’ve done to help me.

24. You never fail to make me smile. Thanks so much for your help and support!

25. I am incredibly fortunate to have someone like you in my life. I couldn’t have done with without you. Thank you.

26. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your kindness and generosity. Thank you so much for being there for me.

27. Consider this card a small token of my appreciation for the generosity you have shown me.
You are such a generous, kind person. Thank you for all your help!

28. Thanks for all your help and encouragement. You always make me feel special. I love you.
I will always remember your kindness and support. Thank you very much!

29. Words are not enough to express you how grateful I am for the help you gave me. Thank you; I only hope I’ll be able to return the favor to you sometime. Anything you need, just ask me!

30. I just wanted to express how much I appreciate your support. Thank you for being there for me.

31. Few people have the privilege of having such a supportive and giving friend. I am beyond lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for being there for me yet again. I am so grateful that you are in my life.

32. Please accept my warmest thanks for your thoughtfulness and words of comfort. I appreciate you.

33. Please accept this thank you card from me as a small token of appreciation for the support you’ve given me. Your kindness means a lot to me.

34. You cannot imagine how much strength your support has given me during this difficult time. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your words of encouragement.

35. Thank you for being what you are you have always been my power your love care and support has made me a shining star.

36. I’ve always felt so cherished and appreciated by you. Thanks for sticking with me even during difficult times.

37. You may have restricted and little resources but your appetite and drive for giving id daring and rare. Thanks.

38. I understand that you don’t give because you have in abundance but because of your kind heart and love, Thank you and God bless you.

39. I wonder if God didn’t create someone like you, my life would have been a hell without you, thanks for being there for me always.

40. No word will be enough to show how grateful I am but i promise to love you all my life.

Those are some of the cutest Thank You SMS I’ve ever read and they still amaze me. Ever thought how your Mom or Dad or Teacher would feel if you send them a beautiful thank you SMS today?

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