What is First Bank USSD Code?

What transactions can you make with First Bank USSD Code

First Bank USSD Code is 894 transaction.

  • Register pin
  • Transfer money
  • Buy airtime
  • Check account balance
  • Request account statement

Using the first bank 894 you can perform a number of transactions quickly, conveniently and securely.

The code allows for an easy way to carry out banking transactions like making transfer money, check balance, buy airtime, pay bills, buy data, pay cable TV subscriptions and much more anytime and anywhere.

The most interesting thing about using the USSD code is, it doesn’t matter which type of phone you are using, it doesn’t necessarily have to be internet enabled phone.

To create a PIN for First Bank USSD transaction, Dial 8940# on your mobile, then follow the onscreen instruction to be able to create the PIN.

If you decide to reset your PIN you will be required to enter the old PIN then you will be prompted to supply your new PIN.

How to make Cash transfer from First Bank account

On your Phone Dial *894*amount*recipent’s account number# in this order *8945000*127857494#, to transfer 40,000 Nairas to 127857494, be sure you perform the transaction only on the mobile phone you used to create your bank account.

Proceed by selecting the bank type and enter your  PIN to confirm the transfer

Buy airtime and recharge from First Bank account

Buy for Yourself
Dial 894amount# (for example, 127857494#, to buy 1900 naira airtime for your mobile number registered with First Bank account.

Buy for others
Dial 894amountphone number# (for example, *894500*08060000000#, to buy 500 naira airtime for mobile number, 08060000000.

How to check First Bank account Balance

Dial *894*00# on the mobile phone number you used to open your first bank account.

How to Get First Bank account Statement

In order to receive your account statement dial *894*AccountNumber#. Mind that you will only receive a statement of the transaction for the last 5 transactions via SMS.

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