What is the Meaning of VTU?

Technology is helping us do things better from day to day. Everyone one is looking for easier ways to carry out their daily tasks this caused us to leverage resources we can reach out to so we can perform some tasks in a lot stressful manner.

But you will agree with me that even some of these less stressful and perceived convenient ways to get things done are not totally hitch-free, they sometimes have their own shortcomings.

Which is why we at have come to improvise a smarter way to carry out daily transactions like paying cable tv subscriptions, phone airtime and data, and more in a less risky and super convenient way. All you need do is to proceed to our registration page and sign up to begin.

The process of carrying out just about any transaction is super simplified meaning you don’t have to worry about filling long forms and data pages. One biggest advantage users get to use our platform is leveraging our VTU platform to pay for services and recharge and you earn some discount from that.

What you can do on Virtual Top Up includes:

Airtime Recharge
Cable TV Subscriptions
Data Top-up

For those who are looking into the business prospect of this, The mobile penetration in Nigeria is growing year after year, now there are close to 150 million mobile users in Nigeria which is a good income source for Telecom firm which makes money from selling their services.

Giving the market size, it is understandable that selling recharge card business is still a lucrative one and you can make big figures selling those online.

We understand that starting a VTU business is not so easy given requirements like Business registration, massive startup capital, website, accreditation, etc, this is why we took it upon on ourselves to simplify the VTU business idea by giving you a platform that allows you to resell Airtime online using Virtual Top-ups (VTU).

Register today and start earning from VTU Business.