85kobo.com Welcomes you, This page was created to make you find the reasons we think you should register with Our New Portal, rather than subscribing to xwireless, We’ve been around since 2011 and it will be our pleasure to serve you too …continue reading to see our reasons

Why Not xwireless

Xwireless is one of the foremost companies in the Bulk texting space and without a doubt they’ve been providing the service for almost a decade. However since they’ve been around,They have not changed the costs of bulk sms in Nigeria, Neither have they attempted to alter the core functions of prototype Telemarketing Website.

Furthermore, as is the custom with our competitors, they take great pleasure in saying they offer The Cheapest Bulk sms in Nigeria but none of them will grant you access to your sms Delivery Report.

It is our believe that you should have a proper knowledge on how every message you send from our website is delivered; How many is pending and how you were charged for it. 85kobo.com Won’t bill nor charge you for text message that didn’t deliver.

We have a Proprietary feature that allows you re send every failed text message, that might have fail to deliver due to DO not Disturb(DND) or other issues.

Most of all, xwireless‘s website over all features is no where near what you get with 85kobo. Need us to remind you that no other Bulk SMS website in Nigeria including xwireless can boast to have a portal where you can buy your data plans online as well as send robocall…all from the same website

Don’t you think Already you are missing out just because are not registered with 85kobo.com? Why not signup today? Becoming an account holder is totally Free of any cost. We will be happy to assist you get started.

1-Click Fast Delivery for Volume(500,000 – above)UnknownYes
Customer Friendly PriceUnknownYes
Good After Sales SupportUnknownYes
Instant Delivery to DND NumbersUnknownYes
Mobile AppUnknownYes
Buy Data Bundles NoYes
Buy AirtimeNoYes
Subscribe for Cable SubscriptionNoYes
Pay Electricity BillNoYes
Delivery ReportUnknownYes

Click here or the big Signup Button to Signup Today!. There is no harm in Trying us today. However if you are not fascinated about our suggestion you can return to xwireless login page


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