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Updated Ecobank Nigeria Internet Banking & USSD Transfer code

Ecobank Nigeria is one of the leading independent banks in Nigeria and across Africa. With branches in over 36 African Countries, Ecobank Transnational Inc.(ETI) can easily pass for a Pan African Bank.

Nigeria’s wholesale and retail customers amount to over 70% of ETI’s customer base which totals at an estimated figure of 13.7 million as of December 2012. Ecobank Nigeria Limited currently serves over 15 million Nigerians according to The Nigerian Stock Exchange’s 2019 report.

If these records are true, Then this guide is exclusive for the 15million Nigerians that are currently customers of Ecobank Nigeria.

The sort code is a number which is usually identifies both the bank and the branch where an account is held. the sort code identifies the bank. The sort code is usually used when transferring funds from one account in one bank branch to another branch of the bank or another bank.

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about your favorite bank. We have made this post to be segmented by topics. Please, use the hyperlinks below to navigate to the topic you are interested in.

Internet Banking

Ecobank Nigeria internet banking is one of the most searched queries we found from our research. People want to know how to get started Ecobank online banking. Trust me, the process not tedious like you thought. Read below to learn the process.

Firstly, you should be an account holder with Ecobank.

Precisely, that’s it, With your account number, you are already profiled automatically to use the internet banking solution. However, you will need to know your ID Number and password as this what you need to login to your account.

Getting these details (ID Number and password) is very easy as well. You either walk into any Ecobank closer to you and talk to their customer care.

You will be asked to provide the following:

  • Account Type – is your account savings or current
  • Account Number
  • Your Email

If you have all the above handy, then you are ready to go.

The second method to get your Ecobank Internet Banking ‘s ID Number and password is to do it yourself directly from their website. You can carry out this process in less than 5minutes from the comfort of your house or office.

Here is a guide to put you through:

ecobank online banking2
1. Visit Ecobank websiteClick Here
2. Locate and click the: Register for Internet Banking Button
Alternatively, if you find this difficult to do, you can simply click this link.
You will be requested to provide the following:

  • Relationship Type (Here, you are required to choose your account type)
  • Account Number
  • Email ID

ecobank online banking2

Fill the above correctly with your details, ensure you input the same email you used to create your account. Check your mail thereafter, you should find your Ecobank internet banking login details.

The above is all you need to get signed on Ecobank online banking. The next information you would want to learn should be how to get started with Ecobank Mobile Banking. The process is similar to their internet banking setup, continue below to learn how.

Mobile Banking

ecobank mobile bankingMobile banking from Ecobank is another feature to help ease payments and Online banking for account customers. The solution was built to bring banking to you wherever you are and whenever you want, no wonder was dubbed: “The power to bank at your fingertips”

The Ecobank Mobile app like other banking apps, allows users to carry out banking activities from the comfort of their mobile phones.

The app provides optimal channels for users to manage their accounts as well as to conduct secured financial transactions with ease without the need of stepping into the banking hall.

This means you now carry your bank with you everywhere you go. With the Ecobank mobile app, you can also access the new Ecobank Xpress Account(We will discuss this later on in this article).
See Below the features that come with the Ecobank Mobile App:

– Pay Billers & Merchants
– Account Statement Request
– Block Card / Cheque Request
– Check Account Transaction history
– Send Money to over 30 African Countries
– Open an Ecobank Xpress Account
– Check Account balances
– Airtime TopUp for Self / Other
– Locate the nearest Ecobank Branch
– Locate the nearest Ecobank  ATM

Ecobank Nigeria currently has 3 packages for mobile banking and as stated above, they are all aimed at bringing your bank closer to you. The solutions currently available for mobile and digital devices are;

  • Ecobank MobileMoney
  • Ecobank Mobile Banking
  • Ecobank Mobile App

Ecobank Mobile App is currently available for downloads for iPhone users and Android Users. To download ecobank mobile app, Visit google’s playstore or Apple’s Appstore and search for Ecobank Mobile Banking or click here to download the android version, for IPhone users, click here to download.

Transfer Code

Ecobank mobile transfer code is also referred to as Mobile Banking via USSD.  The USSD transfer code is simply *326# and with is you carry out the following:

  • Make instant transfers
  • Check balances
  • Pay bills
  • Read mini-statements
  • Buy airtime
  • Buy Data Bundles

From the above, you will notice that one of the key features is Make Instant Transfers. This feature is not limited to transferring from Ecobank to Ecobank. Rather, with the Ecobank mobile transfer code, you can transfer from Ecobank to other banks in Nigeria.

Furthermore, just like the popular Gtbank’s *737# transfer code, with *326# you can do exactly what is possible with *727# and every other popular Nigerian Banks’s USSD code. See below guideline on how to transfer money with Ecobank mobile or USSD transfer code

  • Dial *326# using your Ecobank account profiled phone number
  • Select “Transfer Funds” among the options presented.
  • Select the bank.
  • Enter the recipient’s account number
  • Confirm the recipient’s name is correct and then select next.
  • Lastly, confirm the transaction by entering the last 4 digits on your ATM card or your PIN

Finally, it’s worthy to note that, you can use the above method to transfer too to other Nigerian banks. However, you will be charged a token of 70naira for every transfer from ecobank to other banks. Please note that Ecobank to eco bank is free.


Recharge Code

Now that you know how to carry out Ecobank Online Transfer, I Guess you would want to know how to recharge or buy airtime and data bundles straight from your account balance using the Ecobank Recharge Code.

Ecobank USSD code; *326# simplifies online transfers and recharges from your account. You can buy airtime and data from the comfort of your “Toilet Seat” by simply dialing *326# and following the prompts to fill in your desired airtime amount or data bundle.

The process is as easy as ABC, see below a tabular illustration on how to Buy Airtime From Ecobank. Please note this method will only work if you are recharging the phone number that is profiled to your account.

Airtime DenominationEcobank Recharge Code

To recharge a number that is not linked to your account, all you need do is to dial *326*The un-linked number*Amount to be recharge#.

For instance, if you want to recharge your friend or family’s number with N1,000. You should use this format: *326*08039422994*1000#. Your account will be instantly debited with the amount you entered while your friend’s line gets credited instantly.


Sort Code

We wrote a comprehensive post on Ecobank Sort code, click on the hyperlink to read.


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