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How to port to MTN from any Network

What is mobile Portability?

Porting phone number is a facility made available to telecom users Nationwide, this is to give more power to consumers of Telecom services in Nigeria.

Porting mobile number makes it possible for you to switch in between networks without having to change your, to any service provider of your choice, If you have read about interesting features on MTN and thinking of moving to the MTN network then you’re on track.

MTN is one of the best Telecommunication networks in Nigeria, the South African based telecom operator a  wide network coverage and you can enjoy top data quality that MTN customers have to enjoy.

The process of porting your current phone number takes only about 15 minutes to 20 minutes process to actualize but before you proceed It is good to remember that the activation of the number portability service will deactivate, at the end of the procedure, all the telephony services provided by the previous Operator and that it is in any case necessary.

How the portability request works

The request is made on already active contracts (it is, therefore, necessary to first make an Open
contract and subsequently request number portability).
The service must be requested by the owner of the line.
The service is available for the geographic numbers of any Operator, provided it is provided the unlock code of the relative numbering. This code must be provided by the current geographical number manager.
 details for service activation are available on each customer’s control panel


To complete the port-in process for your mobile, follow the processes below:

  • Enter into any MTN outlet with your phone number on other networks which is not MTN
  • Show a valid ID Card (driver’s license, Voters card, national ID, etc.)
  • Get the port-in form from the front desk representative
  • Fill in the port-in form by sending ‘PORT’ to 3232 by SMS or dial 3232