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How to Borrow Data on Glo?

There are several reasons you might want to borrow Glo data, but whatever the case I will show you how you can borrow data on Glo network.

Data is becoming an important part of our life. to make sure you never run out of data again when you need it data when you Glo has brought about another new service where you can data, it is called Borrow Me Data.

Borrow Me Data is a Glo service which makes it possible for eligible customers to be able to borrow data on credit when they exhaust their data bundles and ran out of airtime or in situations that they couldn’t reactivate their data plans due to the low account balance.

All Glo customers can use the Borrow Me Data service once they are eligible. To be Eligible:
– Make sure you have a  registered SIM
– Be active on the network for at least 90 days

Code to Borrow Data on Glo

You can also borrow data on Glo by dialing *321#.

Price details for Borrow Me Data

Price (N)Data Volume in Pack(In MB)Data Volume for Borrow Me Data(In MB)Validity
5030301 DayBorrow Online
10060601 DayBorrow Online
2002002005 DaysBorrow Online
500160016007 DaysBorrow Online
10003200320030 daysBorrow Online

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