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How Do I Activate 4G?

This guide will help you to know how to manually activate your 4G phone. The Era of 2G and 3G is long gone. What we have today is 4G LTE. Not all phones support 4G, but if you are sure yours is a device that is 4G supported and you noticed you are not enjoying 4G LTE speeds on your device, then you might need to recheck the settings and be sure your phone is properly set to connect to 4G network.

Do you know what the advantages of this technology are? What do you need to be able to connect to it? Or better yet, how can you tell if your phone is 4G and how to update it. We do not want you to have doubts. We explain it to you next in this post.

The 4G technology or fourth generation works through digital wireless networks high – speed data transmission. With it you can:

  • Share and download files immediately (photos, videos, music, documents …).
  • Enjoy the highest quality in high definition videos and videoconferences.
  • Improve the online experience, and get the most out of favorite apps and enjoying online games in real time.

You can see a more realistic example of the times you take with a 4G connection with respect to previous ones when downloading, for example, a 2MB photograph that goes from times around 40 seconds with 3G technology to 1 second with 4G.

Phones that support 4G LTE usually connects to 4G once it detects the network is available from your Network provider. But there are few exceptional cases you may need to manually set your phone to connect to 4G Networks.

Smartphones function differently, activating 4G manually may not be the same across all phone makes and models. However, we shall make the guide as straightforward as possible in on your smartphone we are breaking down the specifics on how to access the faster network speeds for a few of the more popular phone makers.


In the market, there are many terminals ready to be used with 4G technology. Follow these steps depending on the operating system of your mobile phone to confirm if it is 4G. 4G or LTE acronyms may appear on your phone. Either of the two terms indicates that you are using a 4G phone.  Instead of 4G the term LTE should appear.

How Do I Activate 4G?

Locate settings on phone, iOS or Android

: Settings> General> Mobile data> Activate LTE
Android: Settings> More> Mobile networks> Network mode LTE / GSM / WCDMA (connect automatically)
Windows Phone: Settings> Mobile network> Maximum connection speed. If 3G appears it is not a 4G phone (it should show LTE / 4G).

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