How to sell your poems?

Do you need some clue on How to Sell Your Own Poems? On a commercial level, I can suggest you put them for sale on Amazon and then advertise them through blogs and industry sites.

I can suggest you instead and help you sell them online in a different way, going to intercept poetry enthusiasts who are looking for something on Google.

To succeed in this, however, we should have a collection of poems on a given topic.

For example, Poems about spring, about autumn (may be interested in elementary school teachers for their students).

Collections of poetry about adolescence etc.

It turns out to be difficult to get sales for generic poem s on everything.

By now people are aiming at buying what reflects them, identifying them.

Example, a fisherman would immediately buy a book of poems on the sea or better yet on the art of fishing or stories of fishermen in stanzas, etc … rather than buying a general book of poems and hoping to find at least 4 on fishing.

For a poet, it is like an annoying stake to follow just because the market requires it but unfortunately, it is.
If you say you have written something thematic we can try to place it online but otherwise, I see it hard…

How to sell your poems on blogs or websites

You should open a serious blog online where you post poems in daily posts always dedicated to a topic or theme that you particularly love and then gradually insert your old publications to be resold once you have obtained a fan following to see how your mind thought it a few years.

In a nutshell, or already know you and then know that they are not wrong if they buy your book or start now to let you know how for example for a poet attentive to themes such as friendship or nature.

In addition to the blog, you could think of other channels like Youtube or social networks.
The streets are mainly two.

Make a publication u a specific theme and try to place it online. (faster if interested people are contacted. eg. sponsor a book on fishing in a fishermen’s forum.) You create a channel where people can learn about your art and appreciate you to go and buy your books.

As with everything else, online, unfortunately, we have to intercept the right audience. There are a lot of people here on the internet and many don’t care about poetry.

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