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How to watch whatsapp videos when on other apps

Today, I will like to show you how you can watch WhatsApp videos even when you are using other apps on your mobile device. You can watch videos on your mobile phone using other apps because a few days in a new release, WhatsApp launched a new feature to help users not send photos to the wrong contact.

The company is reportedly preparing a new feature that will allow users to watch videos sent by the platform without having to stay in it, all through a floating window.

At the moment, the option to watch floating videos is only available for Android users

Whereas before you could only use this floating window within WhatsApp, now users can browse any other application on the phone while watching a video that has been shared by WhatsApp thanks to the “Picture in Picture” mode, known by its acronym PiP.

The user will be able to place this window in the place that he prefers of the screen since it will only be necessary to maintain it pressed and to move with the finger to the place that wishes. Users can remove the window by clicking on the “X”, which appears in the upper right corner of it. You can also pause the video by clicking on the lower triangle or, directly, put the video in full screen.

For the moment, this feature is valid only on Android phones and works for videos sent on WhatsApp that are hosted on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

How to watch the videos sent in WhatsApp in a floating window

To be able to use this function, a series of steps must be followed:

-First, the user must have the WhatsApp application updated to its latest version.

-On the other hand, to know if this new PiP mode is available, the user must send a video, whether YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. You can do it from these applications by clicking the respective “Share” buttons or directly by copying the link. In either case, you must wait for the video thumbnail to appear. If it does not appear, it will not work.

-When the thumbnail has appeared, just send the message and click on «Play».

Once the above steps have been carried out, the floating window should already appear with the video playing. The user must go back to the desktop or directly go to another app to see if the video is still playing with PiP mode.

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