MTN, everywhere you go!!! This is undoubtedly the most and best network service in Nigeria. Oh yea, they are among the best internet service provider so far.

    Thinking of the best data plan for browsing that will meet your needs? MTN Data plan is a good and ideal choice

    With their fast and reliable network service, you don’t need to worry any longer.

    Today on this post, you will get to find the best and latest subscription data plans for browsing offered by MTN Nigeria, the prices, and how to activate internet browsing on your phone.

    MTN was having numerous data subscription packages for mobile devices like Blackberry, Android, iOS (iPhone) and Modem. But recently, the number has been cut down to only 9 affordable data plans.

    You currently have solely nine MTN data plans to decide from.

    Thus, making it more convenient for MTN network users to comfortably choose without going through those ambiguous processes of selecting different data plans.

    However, MTN has developed a simpler customized data plan that suits all devices.

    Like most other networks, MTN as well offers daily data plans, weekly data plans and also the standard monthly subscription plans.

    MTN has cheap data plans for browsing for entry level users, and as well internet bundle for medium and high data users.

    Obviously, MTN has the most costly data plans for mobile devices, but with the fast growth of their competitors like Airtel and Glo offering cool and interesting data subscription deals to win the hearts of more customers. MTN was forced to make her prices low and more affordable.

    However, Glo data plans are still the cheapest available in the market. No wonder they are referred as the Grand Master of Data.  Globacom Nigeria forced other Internet service providers in Nigeria to reduce their price for data, especially MTN.

    MTN internet data bundle is now more affordable and offers a lot more value than any other internet providers in Nigeria. They drastically reduced their data subscription plans, from 15 to 12…. making it very easy for users to choose the plan that suits their budget.

    The night and weekend browsing plans are among the plans that was stopped by MTN. Obviously most of the plans they stopped were not getting people to subscribe to them. So perhaps MTN thought their users are no more interested in them.

    If you are interested in an all Night browsing plan or weekend only browsing, you might want to consider ETISALAT NIGHT PLANS

    Either way, We will be discussing the new 12 plans and their subscription codes. However if you don’t have time to read the rest of this article, just dial *131# on your MTN line and you will be guided on how to subscribe to any plan you desire

    Alright, now let’s see the different MTN internet data bundle, prices and subscription codes.

    Carefully choose any of the preferred data plan and follow the instructions below to activate the MTN internet bundle of your choice.

    Note: To check your MTN subscription data balance, SMS 2 to 131.

    Full List of MTN Data Plans and How to Subscribe

    MTN data Plans Price How to SubscribeValidity
    1 GB + 500MB Bonus #1000 text 106 to 13130days
    1.5 GB #1200 text 130 to 131 30days
    2.5 GB + 1GB Bonus #2000 text 110 to 131 30days
    5 GB #3500 text 107 to 13130days
    10 GB#5,000     text 116 to 13130days
    22 GB ₦10,000 text 117 to 131 30days
    50 GB ₦20,000 text 118 to 131 30days
    85 GB #50,000 text 133 to 13130days
    50MB + 25MB Bonus#100 text 104 to 13124 hours
    150MB + 75MB Bonus #200 text 113 to 131 24 hours
    150 MB weekly #300text 103 to 1317days
    750 MB weekly #500 text 103 to 1317days


    Here are the most recent MTN internet bundle plans and prices in 2018;

    5 GB mobile MTN subscription 24/7 30 days ₦ 3500
    10 GB MTN data plan 24/7 30 days ₦ 5,000
    22 GB MTN internet plan 24/7, 30 days ₦ 10,000
    50 GB MTN internet bundle plan 24/7, 60 days ₦ 20,000
    85 GB MTN internet bundle plan 24/7, 90 days ₦ 50,000
    Mobile Internet subscription of 2.5 GB + 1GB Bonus – 24/7 30 days ₦ 2000
    Mobile Internet subscription of 1.5 GB 24/7 30 days ₦ 1200
    MTN cheap browsing for mobile, 1GB + 500MB Bonus 24/7 30 days ₦ 1000
    MTN Daily data plan for mobile, 50MB + 25MB Bonus 24 hours 100 Naira
    MTN Daily data plan, 150MB + 75MB Bonus 24 hours 200 NGN
    150MB MTN Weekly data plan for mobile 24/7, 7 days 300 NGN
    500MB + 250MB Bonus MTN Weekly data plan for mobile 24/7, 7 days 500 NGN

    Mtn data plans


    Surfing the net 24/7 is nice as a result of you’ll be able to perpetually browse whenever you would like.

    MTN internet browsing is accessible via a mobile web phone (Smartphone) preferably, an internet modem or an internet router.

    You can browse directly with the mobile or use it as an electronic device to connect your computer or laptop to the web using a data cable/USB or Bluetooth.

    If you would like to receive your 3G/3.5G/GPRS settings immediately, SMS “SETTINGS” to 3888 on your mobile phone using a good registered MTN-Nigeria SIM card.

    However, you can as well configure your mobile device manually using the subsequent settings below.

    Account name: “MTN GPRS

    Access purpose name (APN): “

    IP address: “

    Port: “8080” (for HTML) or “9201” (for WAP)

    Username: “web

    Password: “web

    Port 8080 is usually recommended, except if your mobile solely supports WAP.

    So here you have it again, the latest and affordable MTN Data Plans for surfing the internet, Data subscription codes and their prices in Nigeria 2019 Update. Feel free to take a look at this article we wrote about: AIRTEL DATA PLANS AND PRICES IN NIGERIA (UPDATED LIST 2019) if you have an Airtel SIM. For Spectranet users, we wrote a well-detailed article on; SPECTRANET DATA SUBSCRIPTION PLANS AND PRICES …take a look, cheers and don’t forget to signup to start enjoying massive data offers on

    Which is the cheapest MTN Data Plan?

    Cheapest MTN data Depends on your budget and requirements, however, you can check out the 750MB for 500 naira and the 150mb for 300 Naira, we think those are really cheap.

    How do I subscribe for MTN 1000?

    You can get the monthly 1GB + 500MB Bonus* bundle for N1,000, valid for 30 Days. To activate these plan SMS “106” to 131. to Opt-in.

    MTN is offering to give you more on data, for 1200 you get 2GB data valid for 30 days. To opt-in, *131*130#

    How do I subscribe for MTN Data Plan?

    To subscribe for MTN Data plan check all the bundles we have listed above, then pick the most appropriate for you by dialing the activation code.

    How can I double my data on MTN?

    You can double your MTN Data on the MTN Double Data Offer that gives you times 2 of your data bundle. For example, if you activate the 2GB monthly plan, you will receive free 2GB extra to make it 4GB monthly plan. The downside of this is that MTN made the offer available for selected subscribers.

    Does MTN have unlimited data plans?

    MTN DOES NOT have Unlimited data plans. You can, however, opt for the 2 and 3 months data plans listed below:

    • 2-Month Plans. 60GB. N20,000. 60 Days. Text “118” to 131
    • 3-Month Plans. 120GB. N50,000. 90 Days. Text “133” to 131

    How do I convert MTN airtime to data bundles?

    Converting MTN airtime to data bundles simply mean how to activate a data bundle which is the whole essence of this page. Once you have picked the appropriate data plan for you, Dial the activation code for the data bundle and you will instantly get your Airtime converted into the chosen data bundle or plan. If you have more airtime in your account, only the difference will remain as airtime on your phone.

    How do I roll over MTN data?

    The only provision made available by MTN to rollover unused data is to renew your bundle before expiration.

    How do I check my data plan on MTN?

    To check your active data balance or data bundle simply Text 2 to 131 or Dial *131*4#

    How much is MTN 1gb?

    MTN 1GB is available on the MTN monthly data plan menu, It cost 1001 Naira and you will also be given 500MB bonus valid for one month.

    How can I get MTN 1gb for 500?

    MTN 1GB data is an exclusive offer for MTN users on MTN Pulse. So to enjoy this offer, you need to first migrate to MTN Pulse, you can do so by dialing  *406*1#  Then make sure your phone is loaded with enough credit then dial *406*2#, select 2 on the next screen to get 1GB MTN data for just 500 naira.

    How do you bundle MTN data bundles?

    To buy any of MTN data bundle *131# is the starting point, you will get to see list of available bundles on the network and how to activate any of the data plans

    How do I use MTN bonus data?

    We are now finding more reasons to stay connected on the internet, than ever, we need to connect with friends and family, we need to keep up with trends and breaking also of things going around in our world, we need to keep with colleagues at work, the use for data is endless, from personal use to smart house and much the internet of things.

    How do I activate MTN unlimited data plan?

    MTN has no unlimited data plan, you can, however, check out there 2 and 3-month data bundle

    How can I migrate to MTN better talk?

    Migrating to MTN Better talk is not far fetched, all you need to do is dial *123*2*1# or text BT to 131. First migration is free, subsequent migration within the same month is chargeable.

    How can I transfer MTN data?

    We have previously written the most detailed guide on how to transfer MTN data bundle to another MTN SIM, we are sure it will guide you on how to move your data or share your data to another MTN SIM

    How do I subscribe to MTN 4g LTE?

    To be able to enjoy faster browsing speed on the MTN network, you must be active on 4G. You can SMS 4G to 131 from your mobile you will be messaged through SMS telling you if your SIM and device is 4G/LTE ready, In case it is not, you need to visit the nearest MTN office to activate your migrate to 4G.

    How do I buy MTN Night Plan?

    The TN night plan is available on the MTN Nightlife Bundle. To buy the MTN night plan you must first be on the  MTN Pulse tariff, to Migrate simply send an SMS 406 to 131or dial *406#.

    Subscribe to the 250MB night bundle by texting NT1 to 131,

    Subscribe to the 500MB night bundle by texting NT2 to 131.

    You can as well dial *406# and pick from any of the two bundles projected.

    To check the data balance of your MTN night plan bundle simply *559*96# and you will shortly receive a message showing your Night plan data balance.

    How do I borrow Data from MTN?

    To borrow data from MTN, you can use the Xtrabyte data service from MTN when you run out of data, and your payback when next you top up your line.  To get started simply dial *606#, select XtraByte, on the onscreen menu then you will see a list of Data plans you are eligible to borrow, pick the one that is most appropriate to you and you will be credited with the data in no time.

    How can I Port my Number to MTN?

    MTN encourages and allows the mobile number portability a possibility of switching network provider without necessarily having to change your phone number. This service has enhanced competition among Telcos in Nigeria.

    I remembered in 2012 when I was forced to port my MTN Number to Airtel, because the Airtel network in my Area wasn’t good enough, To mean that network coverage is the major reason why people port from one network to the other.

    If you are looking to port to the MTN network, then this what you need to do. Visit eh nearest MTN sales outlet to you and request that you want to Port to MTN. Porting is free and it is done within 20 to 40 minutes. How ever please note that you will need to provide your current phone number, Valid ID card -National ID, Voters card or Driver’s License. 

    MTN operatives will hand you a Port-in form, complete the form and submit back to them. Send this SMS to complete your validation request. ‘PORT’ to 3232. You can as well Dial 3232 and follow the IVR voice prompt.


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