Beautiful December Wishes

Happy New Month December Wishes

Hurray! It is Christmas month. December is here and all we could see is people preparing for Christmas celebration.

We are going to make this more awesome than you could ever think of as we are gonna share with you, top collections of December wishes.

We believe sending lovely December wishes to your loved ones; be it your sister, brother, uncle, sister or friend would make them think and accept that you actually care and is ready to help them with their needs as we all know the month of December is to love friends and family just like the way Jesus loved us.

Happy New Month of December

Beyond the gaiety that comes with the yuletide… Beyond the feelings wrapped around this festive season… I wish you a New month that’s filled with unspeakable joy and laughter, even as you end this year. Happy New month of December from me to You.

1. I wish this December, God surprises and blesses you with whatever your heart desires. May God never stop surprising you. Happy December!

2. May the Lord listen to your cry, He shall vindicate you, you shall rise among your peers and in your family house. He shall be your rock, fortress and deliverer in this month.

3. As it is the last month of the year, every embargo of the devil placed upon you shall be destroyed in Jesus name. Happy new month.

4. May this last month of the year become one of the most blessed and happy Month for you. Happy new month.

5. It’s December! May the bad happenings that come with the last month, not come near you and yours. Happy December!

6. I wish you great moments, as we approach the new year. Happy new month.

7. May the good things of the last month of the year be your portion. Happy new month to you.

8. May God surprise you with new year presents, as you are about entering the new year. Happy new month.

9. May people gather on your behalf to celebrate you, in Jesus name. Semper Fidelis!

10. Happy new month. I wish you God’s full protection, to usher you into the new year, in peace.

11. God will bless you wonderfully and enlarge your coast. He’ll be with you in all you do, and keep you from all evil and disaster, as the year goes to an end. Wonderful December!

12. These are my wishes for you this month and beyond.
Divine Favour!
The month is loaded for you. Happy December!

13. Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and, without failure, recover all. Welcome to December, the month of total recovery. Shalom.

14. To be very blunt, your life will flaunt God’s glory throughout the month. May you live happily in God’s glory ever after. Happy New month.

15. God has raised you as a Champion to shake the world in this latter times. You shall be invited to counsel kings of nations. You’re a genius! Your December must Bloom!

16. May your destiny helpers locate you this new and last month of the Year. Never again will destiny destroyers instruct your life. Amen. It’s your month of testimony.

17. The open door before you will open wider. You will become wiser, your garment will be whiter than snow, as you continue to glow. Cheers to the last month of the year.

18. Drop the past months into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go. Happy December.

19. Embrace this new month of December with a strong spirit to achieve all that you have set for yourself. You are unstoppable!

20. With love in my heart, I wish you a December with good news. Amen.

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