Zenith Bank Loan

Probably you want to go Ona vacation with your loved ones or buy a house or even a car. You could also want to attain your zenith in your business by financing it. We’ll then, in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Zenith Bank Loan. 

Zenith Bank Loan


One first thing I believe you would want to understand is the eligibility for Zenith Bank loans. If you are eligible, what documents are required from you?

To better understand the eligibility criteria for Zenith Bank loans, we shall discuss individually the different types of loan offered by Zenith Bank, because each of them has some unique requirements.


This is a loan specifically meant for educational purposes. To pay tuition fees or purchase textbooks and take care of other academic requirements. The requirements for the education loan are:

  1. A completed Application Form obtained from the bank.
  2. The ward/students parent or guardian must have salary account domiciled with Zenith bank.
  3. The student/ward must also have an account with Zenith bank.
  4. The invoice of school or tuition fees will be presented.

With Zenith Bank education loan you can borrow a between N100, 000 to N500, 000. The loan tenor is 3 months for junior school and 6 months for tertiary level.


In collaboration with the Bankers’ Committee, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as part of the efforts to boost job creation in Nigeria, most importantly among the youth, has developed a Creative Industry Financing Initiative (CIFI) fund.

This loan is only available to those in the below industries:

Fashion, Information Technology, Movie Production, Movie Distribution, Music and Software Engineering. 

The requirements for this particular Zenith Bank loan are:

  1. A letter of accepted Offer
  2. A Business Plan
  3. Documents showing the Board Resolution if it’s a corporate body.

The purpose of the SME loan is to finance small and medium enterprises, especially in the following industries: Beauty or Style, Confectionery and Fitness.

The basic requirements are:

You must have a business account with Zenith bank of not less than 6 months old.

Your business must be categorised in any of the approved sectors as listed above.

There are other Zenith Bank loans like Overdraft Loan, Personal loan, Salary Advance loan, Asset acquisition/Car Loans and Mortgage Facility. 

The basic requirements for these loans are:

  1. You must have a stable inflow of monthly income
  2. Your salary account or working account must be domiciled with Zenith Bank
  3. You must present a valid means of identification.
  4. A recent utility bill showing your address of residence is also required of you.

How to apply

To apply for any of the Zenith Bank as listed above, simply walk into the nearest Zenith Bank branch and obtain the loan application form.

Go with supporting documents as listed above. Fill the form diligently and submit it alongside the documents required of you.

Interest Rate

The interest rate of the Zenith Bank loan is 9% per annum for almost all the loans listed above.

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The repayment of Zenith Bank loans is designed in a way to keep you away from stress. At the end of the month on the date due for repayment, the particular repayment amount will be deducted from your account. This is done until you pay all you owe.

You can also make repayment through your debit cards online or via the ATM.

The tenor of Zenith Bank loan vary with the category of loan. Some are in months while some run into years.

Pros & Cons

  • Flexible repayment options
  • They offer good loan amounts.
  • They lend at an affordable interest rate.
  • Collateral required (in some loan)
  • Guarantor required (in some)

Mobile App

Zenith Bank has mobile app on which you can perform mobile banking operations.

You can download it on your device’s peculiar app store.

Customer Care

The Zenith Bank customer care can be reached through either of these means:

Via emial:

Phone: 234-1-2787000.

Contact Number234-1-2787000

Branches & Head Office

The Zenith Bank Head Office is located at Zenith Heights, Plot 87, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Zenith Bank is dispersed across the country, having many branches. You can locate the closest Zenith Bank to you if you need any assistance.

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